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July 08, 2010


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I think he looks darling with his eye patch. Maybe you can convince him to play a lot of pretend pirate games (like for an hour every day).

I think once he gets used to the glasses and realizes that the view through them is the way that things really are supposed to look that things will get better. My neighbors' young son got glasses about a year ago and at first he was taking them off and hiding them around the house. Now, he keeps them on.


He is adorable peeking through those glasses with his patch on! :) When my kids got glasses they had a hard time with them, but after a couple of weeks they got used to it. Good luck!! :)


I just love the last picture. He is looking like a Anyways, Nice sharing!!


Great ideas on that eye patch,I love it their looking cute and adorable with that thing :)


The pictures look so cute. They seems so very happy putting cute stuffs in their glasses. Yeah the last picture looks like he is a pirate! :)

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