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September 06, 2010


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I can relate!! Additionally, the frugal part of me, combined with the hopeful part of me that's hoping I'll lose more weight, won't allow me to purchase too many clothes right now. For me, there's no dilemma. I'm keeping it all.


I'm as frugal as the next person, but I say get rid of them all. No need to keep them in the house.

And great job on the weight loss. You're doing awesome!


I think you should get rid of them - no option to go backward :-) I have the opposite problem. I have clothes that are too small and keep hoping that I will fit into them again... Planning to keep a few favorites and donate the rest!


I know this is an older post but I'm reading thru --- just an FYI, I love Walmart's line of Danskin clothes -- they are "activewear" some are great for working out but they are decent enough for shuttling the kids around. I wear them day in and day out -- tees are $5 and $7 and pants are like $9-12. It's cheap and holds up really well in the wash, it's perfect for the inbetween times, plus, they are cozy and comfy and nice looking. There is more online than in the store -- I buy online all the time. ;)

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