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November 20, 2010


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Uncle Orca

oh my GOD you actually wrote a blog post!


So very Martha of you!

I'm quite impressed, actually. I'd never dream of attempting such a thing.


That's an awesome looking pumpkin. I always cook down our jack o lantern pumpkins, but they're pretty crappy for baking (grainy and watery). Instead, I use that puree in chili and stews and things that need some thickening.

(I use the microwave though, not the oven. Cut into chunks, nuke on high in a bowl w/ a plate as a lid for 15mins, cool & scrape.)


Dave: pppfffftttt.

Hok: You ran the NYC marathon. I'd never dream of attempting such a thing. Breaking down a pumpkin is far easier.

De: That's a great idea! This pumpkin was still pretty grainy and watery, but the straining helped with that a lot, and the cuisinart took care of the graininess. I'm going to try the microwave next time, tho - thanks for the tip!


I bow down to thee. I just can't bring myself to deal with all the junk inside a pumpkin beyond throwing it in the compost bin after carving one. That was a genius move, by the way—I now have a billion pumpkin vines sprouting in my compost.

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