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January 03, 2012


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Unfortunate gardening accident?


Sorry to hear about your troubles. FYI, I did the same thing with my new iPod Touch a few years back. I was resigned to have to use it that way since it still worked for the most part, just looked terrible. If you don't have a warranty that will cover it, you can actually buy a replacement screen (got mine from eBay), and they have tutorials for replacement on Youtube. It is cheaper than buying a new one for sure. Now as soon as I get a new device I get a cover for them, and won't touch it until I do. :)


Thanks for the input, Ill remember that if there is ever a next time. I ended up taking it to the Genius bar, and they replaced it for half the cost of a new one. I actually like that for right now, because my son is paying for it and it gives him a chance to learn a hard lesson now while the stakes are lower. We ended up getting him an Otterbox case for the new one and hes learned a good lesson about taking care of your property and not putting electronics in a hoodie pocket. :-)

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