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April 20, 2012


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A to the men.


Yikes, that sounds awful. A couple of suggestions:
1. Take yourself out of the morning equation for oldest daughter. My mom worked when I was a kid, and I was totally in charge of everything in the morning for myself. Let her be in charge and let her learn from her failures. You sleep more!
2. I would get all three of the younger kids ready at once (and I would let the ones waiting watch TV, that's what TV was made for!), take them all to the elementary school and be creative about fun things (including eating breakfast) that you can do in the car or on the playground while you're waiting, do the drop off for #3 and then take Nemo to school. I bet it's the rushing around that makes you feel stressed. And you'll feel good getting some "quality time" in in the morning.
3. Husband is responsible for the dog.
4. Institute a no-shoes-in-the-house policy, so you always know where shoes are and floors stay cleaner. Backpacks packed and by door each night (kid's responsibility).
5. I would say one activity per year makes sense, or that you decide that individually based on the kid. My older one is 9 and doesn't do any activities and that's just fine by him. Something's got to give, and activities are, in my opinion, overrated.
Good luck! Sorry if this posted twice, my last comment got eaten.


Oh, I thought of another one, too. It really helped me to make a schedule so that I wasn't leaving things to chance and I know when I'm supposed to be doing things. (Like get myself dressed, 7:10- 7:20, make lunch, 7:20- 7:30, etc.) It's cheesy, but I even wrote it down and posted it. The nice thing about it, is when I'm running late, it gives me an idea of what needs to be done when, and there's extra time built into it so that I can "catch up."

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